B P E innovation

Commercial Disputes

At BPE Innovation we believe that prevention is better than cure when dealing with the topic of commercial disputes.  The agreements that we prepare for our clients are very clear in terms of recognising a dispute and resolving it, always minimising the effect on a business.

Through our strategic partners, we are able to offer a professonal dispute resolution service to determine which course of action to pursue.  If legal proceedings are required, we provide a first-rate litigation service for our clients.

Our commercial dispute services are listed below:

  • Disputes involving high value, multi jurisdictional commercial contracts spanning a range of sectors. 
  • Assisting clients in array of territories with defending their technology, IPR and brands from misuse and infringement, including, trade mark, trade secret and technology infringements,  trade mark oppositions, copyright litigation, brand protection, cyber squatting and domain name disputes.
  • Advising on disputes arising from, development agreements, software and maintenance agreements, source code escrow, licensing agreements, outsourcing arrangements and non disclosure agreements.
  • Specialist judicial review advice on the appropriateness of a legal challenge following decisions made by government authorities.
  • Corporate resolution of investor disputes, joint venture agreements and governance arrangements of investee companies.