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Digital Media

For most companies in the knowledge economy intellectual property is their chief asset. Whether in the form of patents, trade marks, copyright, know how, design rights (the list is extensive), it needs careful management.: to protect it; to exploit it and to maximise its value.

Every company, without exception, should have a comprehensive intellectual property strategy which underpins its business. BPE Innovation applies its established expertise in intellectual property law in many new ways to help modern companies meet their needs. We offer basic packages for getting companies started in this complex field. We work with them as they grow, providing the particular support they need to meet the challenges of intellectual property management.

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  • Run our simple intellectual property health check.
  • Get straightforward “how to” advice about your intellectual property.
  • Apply for patents and register trade marks.
  • Licence all kinds of intellectual property rights.
  • Take action against infringement of your rights.

Digital Media Law

It is commonly said that "online content is king".  It is – but only when properly managed and protected.  We are not fans of the word “content”; it doesn’t do justice to the talent and efforts of creative originators and publishers.

Digital media is about exploring new forms of expression and communication based on developments in technology. It breaks new ground. Its creators and publishers are constantly seeking new ways of doing things. So must their lawyers.

BPE Innovation has a special focus and expertise in the area of digital media (music, TV and film production, games, publishing, brands). Our digital media practice is led by Nic Garnett. Nic set up the record industry’s anti-piracy efforts world-wide before heading off to Silicon Valley to immerse himself in the law and practice of digital technology. Back in Europe, he has rapidly built a solid reputation advising major rights holders and digital service providers. He is also a lead consultant to the World Intellectual Property Organisation on digital media law.

The BPE Innovation approach is about ensuring its clients receive the most advanced legal advice infused with true business insight. Every member of the digital media law team is passionate about technology and the creative sector. We want to deliver legal solutions that match and enhance the creativity of our clients.