B P E innovation

Regenerative Medicine.

A legal facility supporting major research projects able to advise on the laws and policies governing the sources, research and uses in treatment of stem cells in humans. Read more

Medical Devices.

A resource able to unravel the complicated regulatory system governing research and commercialisation in this fast growing area. Read more

Renewable Energies.

A team with experience of working on major R&D projects able to advise on both their development and financing. Read more

Digital Media.

Industry leading expert advice to rights holders and digital service providers. Read more


BPE Innovation provides engineering and science with the legal and commercial expertise necessary to enable its most effective application. Years of collective experience working alongside some of the UK’s most innovative organisations means that we understand the environments in which our clients operate. This experience enables us to add value, applying the relevant law.

We advise most of the UK's Science, Technology and Engineering fund providers and are retained by most of the key influencing bodies in UK Science, Technology and Engineering.

We have specialist sector expertise borne out of this experience. We are known, in particular, for our work in stem cell science, medical devices, renewable energies and the digital media.